What's It Like to Work with Me as a Coach?

A quick, online search will show that there are a variety of coaches available to work with.Coaches fill almost every imaginable niche and ready to help you navigate the life in front of you. However, I still get asked by prospective clients why they would want to hire a coach. I usually talk to them about 5 general reasons someone would want to engage me based on my background, skills, and expertise.

Personal Growth. So often we can find ourselves stuck in a rut. Life begins to feel circular and we become unclear on which direction we want to head. We haven't established goals that motivate us so our path tends to meander around. This is where a coach comes in. It's my job to help you discover new and exciting goals that you want for yourself. I help you build a path to get there and then hold you accountable on your journey. We do some exciting work using assessments to help you discover more about you. We focus on raising your awareness, increasing your self understanding, and embrace self acceptance.

Career Growth. Have you ever wondered if you should make the move into management or if you should follow an individual contributor path? Management isn't for everyone but if it's not ok for you, are you ok saying that? These are important career decisions that frame your upcoming work life. As a coach, I'll help you navigate the pros and cons of what it means to make the choice. Again, using assessments we'll discover your unique talents so that you'll have more awareness of your strengths and how those play out in your decision.

Executive Awareness. Quite often, executives are entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their company and they find themselves suddenly in charge of a host of different types of employees. Sometimes executives have been promoted based on the work they've done with a small team or even their individual contribution. In any of these cases, executives tend to rely on the mental models that got them to the leadership position in the first place.All too often these models fail them and they find themselves unable to move forward or move their organizations forward. As an executive coach, I do some deep work helping my clients discover who they are at their core and the "why" of their leadership. All of this results in an executive who accepts who they are, adapts to the needs of their organization, and creates an engaged organization moving toward a common goal.

Team Cohesion. So much management research has gone into building a successful team. There are methodologies that span from one end of the spectrum to the other. My approach to coaching a team is to help everyone on the team raise their awareness about themselves and about each other. We work together to cultivate a sense of empathy. I firmly believe that humans work best together when they understand each other and can communicate clearly about how they can work together to achieve a common goal. We use appropriate assessments to help raise this awareness and use candid discussions about how we can put that understanding into play. Our goal isn't necessarily liking each other, but understanding each other.

Coaching Culture. I get asked about this often. It tends to be all the rage in management circles and for good reason. A well done coaching culture can truly propel an organization to achieve success. The problem is attempts to create a coaching culture are seldom well done. Often a manager or executive will read an article about creating coaching culture and ask HR to implement it. The deadlines are rushed and the training is slight. The resulting problem is that many managers are uncomfortable coaching and staff end up confused and feel unsupported. A good coaching culture takes time and it has to start at the top. When I help organizations create a coaching culture it all starts with the CEO and his or her direct reports. I take the C-suite through a rigorous six month coaching experience. With a focus on awareness and an outcome of practical coaching sills I ready that team to cascade that knowledge through the organization. I also work with the HR team to leverage this new executive skill set and work it into performance management and management readiness. Certified coaches are intensely trained and continue to work with a mentor coach throughout their career. A coaching culture should include similar training and peer accountability.

While this is the type of coaching I do, much of this translates to the work other coaches do, too. So, whether you choose to engage me or someone else, you can use these frameworks to help jump-start the discussion. There are also different modalities to consider. Most of the coaching I do is done by phone. While I'll do video if requested, phone allows for a much more focused conversation without distractions. With team coaching, I'll often times do that in person. While I can and have coached a group by phone, the team building work that I do in an organization usually necessitates that everyone be in the same room together. In addition to all of this, I do some keynote speaking and executive strategy facilitation in person as well.

With so many options for coaching, why wouldn't you take advantage of making an investment in yourself or your team for future success? A partnership with an experienced coach can yield real results and put you on a path of your liking with success in clear view.



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