A Solid Foundation

We spend so much of our time looking outward. By that, I mean that we see the world more than we see ourselves. We look after others, manage teams, and delver work for our boss. By getting caught up in all of this, we miss out on one of the most important things that should be in our focus — ourselves. There is nothing more important than ensuring the foundations we stand upon are strong and caring for ourselves. We cannot give unless we give from a place of abundance.

We often forget to really see ourselves. We allow others to project on us their idea of who we should be. At times we fail to take a stand against our own behaviors that can be detrimental to us or erode our ability to be successful. We put up with bad habits that have become so ingrained that we fear we cannot leave them behind. All of these things can come together and prevent us from looking inward. These things prevent us from taking stock and understanding what our firm-footing really is. Without really looking at ourselves, we begin to believe what we see in the shadows we cast. We become limited in what we understand and believe about ourselves. We allow people to diminish us and to cause us to feel less than we really are.

So how do we begin to lay a proper foundation? It starts with understanding our own values and what we want from this life. By clearly understanding our values, we can then begin to understand what we're allowing to happen in our lives that we shouldn't. Those little things that creep in, rob our energy, and wear down our self-confidence. Being in touch with our values helps us start to set boundaries. Boundaries are so very important. They keep the energy drains at bay. Boundaries prevent others from diminishing us and pulling us down. Boundaries protect us from ourselves and foolish behaviors we've allowed to go unchecked.

Standing on a firm foundation allows us to begin to really care for ourselves. We can see what we need and nurture our souls. A well cared for soul is a grateful soul and a soul in abundance. When we have our needs met, we can then work to meet the needs of others and give freely of that which overflows within us.

What does any of this have to do with work or leadership you may ask? Everything. When we lead, we have to lead from a firm foundation. We have to lead by really understanding ourselves so that we can understand others. Leadership requires not only understanding, but patience, an open mind, and wisdom. How does your foundation look?
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