Little Beginnings

There is a certain excitement in the air this week. It's back to school time! Even if you don't have children or your children are gown and have flown the nest, you can't help but see the flurry of activity around getting back to school — even if it's punctuated by brake lights on your way to work. There is so much anticipation built up around this time. Some little ones will be starting school for the very first time and others will be heading back to a familiar routine. New beginnings are a great time to take stock of how we plan to approach things. Perhaps the approach we used in the past stopped working for us and we're ready to try something new. Any time there is a stark demarkation in time, it's easier to let things go and pick up something new and fresh. But what if we didn't need grand beginnings? Perhaps it only takes a little beginning — a little shift — to make successful changes in our lives and the way we work. These little beginnings are delivered to us each and every morning.

Whether its over coffee, on your commute, or just in your favorite chair, use your morning time to acknowledge and accept these little beginnings and use them as a chance to change your perspective or to create an idea that is totally new. We can all be stuck in our favorite approaches to doing things. I would venture to say they even get more sticky as we get older. So many of us like things "just so." But sometimes "just so" doesn't really work anymore. Sometimes the approach you've taken time and time again fails and you're left wondering why it didn't work. On occasion you're even a bit bitter because you think it
should work. So you try and try again. The world may have shifted while you weren't looking and the rules of engagement have changed.

Little beginnings are a chance to let go of outmoded thinking. In our quiet time we can release those thoughts and habits that are no longer working for us and embrace something new. At times they may be too complex or too difficult to let go of alone, so a coach may be necessary to help us through. Nonetheless, the little beginnings are there every morning. Challenge yourself to see things differently. Change your perspective. Decide that you'll invite collaboration. Keep in mind that even new approaches may not always work. Sometimes residual thinking gets in the way. Just remember that tomorrow holds a new little beginning. Adapt. Embrace change so that you can engage life in the most positive of ways.

Every evening reminds us that the day is done. Our choices have been made. As we reflect on them and celebrate the choices that gave us joy, we should also take stock of the choices that didn't. We should take stock of those choices that brought us anxiety, disappointment, or even sadness. Those choices are ripe for a little beginning. With each sunrise we are delivered an amazing gift — to live and to lead differently than we did the day before.
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