April 2015


We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations. Some are easier to pursue than others. We can spend time each day pining away for things that we want.

"If only I were able to get that promotion, I'd be really happy."

"I would love to lead that project."

"Someday, I'll get to do the things I really like."

"I think I could really make a change if I ran for office."

What prevents us from moving forward in the directions of these goals? Fear. Fear more than anything gets in the way of us moving forward. Fear becomes a convenient excuse that allows us to put off what we really want. It derails us from pursing the things we dream about. Fear clouds our sight and we turn away from the things that we want.

As we allow fear into our lives, it seeks to express itself in every life pillar we have. We don't throw our hat into the ring for the promotion at work because we're
afraid we aren't good enough. We afraid to ask to lead a project because of what others might think about our leadership style. We don't step up to lead in our community because we afraid of what people may think of our past. We don't pursue the things that speak to our hearts because we're afraid we don't deserve the opportunity to do them. Fear becomes a heavy, crushing weight that buries us in a rut.

We're in control. Fear is a natural human response. We have evolved to deal with things in nature that may be perceived as a threat to us by exhibiting the fight or flight response. Healthy fears keep us safe and out of harm's way. When we make our own choices to pursue or not pursue things that may be uncertain at the time, we are in essence making our own happiness a threat. Being happy should never scare us.

How should we deal with fear? Courage. We can call the fear out for what it is. If we face what is standing between us and the things that we want to accomplish in life we can call it out and name it. By naming it, we can control it. When we can control our fears, we can set them aside and begin to move forward toward those things in life that we really want. We can get that promotion, lead that project, hold office, and do the things that we really love. Courage adds clarity to our vision.

What are you waiting for? It's time to face your fears and start living.