Manage Imagination

Imagination for us as humans can be almost limitless. We use imagination to see a future that we desire. We add detail, we change outcomes, we create beauty. Imagination is a powerful tool that inspires us to greatness, but it can also be a distraction. We must learn to manage our imagination and harness its power so that we can create what we strive to be, but can remain rooted and grounded in the present.

When we stay too connected to our imagined future the present can become a minefield of frustration as we work to change what is before us to force it into the model of our future. We begin to see only what we think our life should be and not what it is. It is so important that we step away from the beautiful and wonderful life we have imagined so that we can take joy in and celebrate where we are. It is only the understanding of where we are that we can understand the path and the journey before us to our imagined future. The imperfect present will guide us to the perfect future.

We should also be careful not to constrain our imagination. Imagine. Imagine freely and often, but don’t let it rule and control. We lose our own power when we succumb to the powerful image of our future. So, go ahead. Create your perfect future, but relax into your present so that the path before you will unfold. The present will reveal to you the first step and subsequently a series of steps. Our perfect future becomes more achievable as a series of small steps as opposed to a leap across a chasm.

Let go of the past, manage your imagined future, and take joy in being.
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