Here's what former clients have to say about their time with me as a coach . . .

"Working with Jakob allowed me to discover and embrace my personal leadership style. His coaching gave me the insight to be a better manager and the awareness to be a more authentic employee. Jakob knows how to ask the right questions at the right time, which consistently lead me to discover solutions based on my own ideas and strengths."
- Amber W.

"Jakob helped me pinpoint where I wanted to take my career, and his coaching gave me the confidence and tools to get there. His personalized approach enabled me to identify my unique strengths, areas for growth and leadership potential, which prompted me to make positive changes in my professional and personal life." -
Jennifer L.

"Jakob's focus on the bigger picture of situations really helps reshape the mindset of how a solution can be found without neglecting your own emotions, but also removing yourself from the situation and realizing the sum of all the parts." - Laura B.