Reasons to Hire a Coach

Why would you want to hire a coach? There are a variety of reasons, but here are a few that you may want to consider:

Focus - How many times have you set goals only to be distracted by things going on in your life or in your business? A coach can help you set goals and help you hold yourself accountable for keeping them in sight and moving forward toward achieving them.

Awareness - By raising our awareness we're able to make better decisions and make better connections with our colleagues and our employees. A coach can help you raise your awareness through structured conversation and the use of assessments. Having a better understanding of yourself can lead to a better understanding of other, how you can connect with them, and how your decisions may impact them.

Integration - It is my philosophy that work-life balance is a myth. The moment you try to balance those two things, you end up putting them at odds. Life is better integrated. We tend to build our lives around pillars such as family and career. Understanding how those two things fit together and how they can support each other is what integration is all about. A coach can help you find that integration so that you can see measurable and positive changes in your personal life and in your career.

Excuses - Stop making them! A coach can help you identify the root cause of your excuse making and help you vanquish the excuses that are keeping you from achieving your goals. Coaching is about helping you find your way to action so that you can make lasting changes in your life and be a more effective leader.

Challenge - Asking powerful questions can help one change perspectives. Coaches can challenge you to think differently. Thinking differently can lead to innovative results. Coaches can also challenge you to be accountable for the actions that move you toward your goals.

About Jakob
I coach people to help them find the best parts of themselves. I help those who are feeling stuck to find their personal path forward.


Jakob Franzen, ACC

I strictly adhere to the highest standards of ethics as a coach.  As a member of the ICF, I follow their outline of ethical conduct for coaches. 

This Code of Ethics is linked here, by clicking the ICF logo below, for your convenience and review.